Getting Ready for the Christmas Holiday Rush


Many people go on a holiday rush during Christmas season. Most individuals hurry to get in time for the family’s traditional Christmas dinner and can’t wait to come home to see friends and family members sit around the fireplace exchanging gifts, stories and laughter altogether. However, despite all the merriment and excitement during Christmas, roads are as busy and difficult to foresee as families and friends find their way home through the cold climate. Car accidents are very prominent during this time of the year and getting to your destination in time does not mean you have to disregard road safety. One must anticipate the potential dangers that you may encounter during your trip to prevent yourself and your family from getting harm.   

Annual road tolls reports that most car accidents increase surprisingly during the Christmas and New Year holiday seasons. Sadly as it seems, while many people gather excitedly inside their homes for the holidays, there are people who are experiencing mishap along the road. In 2014, there were more than a few fatal crashes and road injuries reported in New Zealand between the eve of December 24 up to January 5 of 2015. Most of these resulted to serious injuries and fatalities that are distressing for anyone especially during this time if the year.

So, how come most car crashes happen during this time of the year? And how can we prevent it from happening over and over again?

Be in Control: Safety Check Your Vehicle

Most car accidents reported over the Christmas holiday period is caused by drivers losing control over the vehicle. Since most states have erratic weather conditions during this season, most roads are damp and slippery from snow and cold air. Your usual speed may not be safe enough to endure the road’s condition thus making it easier for you to become one of the unfortunate victims of car crashes. If you are planning to go on a holiday trip with the family or visit some friends from another state, it is better to be prepared for any unexpected weather changes. Things might be fair and calm during your first ride out but it could be a freezing and icy road up ahead.  

Be sure to check all of your tires before heading out for a drive. Though all-weather tires can endure most driving conditions, you should consider getting snow tires if you’re planning to spend your holiday in a remote ski resort with the family. Check your battery and antifreeze levels to ensure that you won’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere and make sure that your defroster and defogger system works perfectly fine to avoid any inconvenience along the road.

Always have an emergency kit ready inside your trunk. A snow shovel would be useful during this time of the year and you can stock an ample amount of kitty litter or sand to help you dig yourself out of a jam and give your vehicle some traction. Flares, flashlight and snow scarpers are also necessary to get you ready for any mishaps and minor accidents as you wait for your trusted car wreckers to help you out in deep snow.